Due Date + 6

Sorry for letting ya’ll down yesterday and not uploading an official post.  I did manage to let you know there was no baby, but Coach and I decided to listen to the basketball game (that he missed) on the internet and than enjoyed a movie date on the couch.  All-in-all, a beautiful night.  We received about 5-6 inches of snow here, so being all bundled up on the couch and enjoy the warmth of our home together was just what this pregnant woman needed in her life!  

Here is a picture of Coach scooping snow early yesterday.  We’re He’s just glad we don’t have sidewalks to to scoop as well!

IMG00223-20110120-1226 (1) Yes he is using a shovel and no, we didn’t buy one.  Our neighbors just so happened to have their shovel drying by their garage door, so Coach ‘borrowed’ it for awhile.  He said he tried to ring their doorbell to ask…  Don’t worry, we returned it!

Tragedy with Full Recovery

I have a confession.  Remember the crock-pot rice from a few weeks ago?  TOTAL FLOP!  DARNIT!  I took some out of the freezer for dinner last night, thawed it on the stove and found out it was WAY too mushy.  Maybe next time I will try letting the bag sit in the refrigerator over night to see if that gives me a different product, but based on internet discussion boards (yes, I Googled “mushy rice salvaging techniques!”)…I added too much water and/or stirred the rice too much while it was cooking in the CP.   SOOO…rather than dumping the entire bag in the trash, I decided to search out recipes with rice that could also work with mushy rice.  Here is what I made:

Brown Rice Patties

I really need to start taking pictures of the food so ya’ll can see the finished product.  These little rice patties were actually fairly pretty AND tasted surprisingly pleasant!  I will probably not put as many carrots in the recipe next time because I think they made the patties a bit too sweet, but overall this recipe is a keeper!  The  frying (I used canola oil instead of vegetable oil) gave these little patties the crunchiness they needed and turned them into a nice alternative to normal rice.  I served the patties with baked chicken with cheese and herbs, which all seemed to work well together.  I will make these cute cakes again and look forward to finding ways to tweak them with different spices, veggies and seasonings.  I was happy to see that Coach actually ate all three of his patties!  He usually isn’t too adventurous when it comes  new recipes – especially interesting looking ones like this! – but he enjoyed them, I think.  As always, I managed to chop and insert the onions when he was downstairs tootling around in the MC (man cave) or on the computer.  Another successful Onion Sneak….YES!

While we are talking food, let me just give a quick complaint about one food item…GRAPEFRUIT.  One of the local grocery stores had grapefruit on sale a few weeks ago, so I decided to venture into the world of eating grapefruit for our dinner fruit (I usually serve fruit with dinner…I’m my mother’s daughter!).  I typically don’t buy grapefruit but I thought, What the heck!  Turns out I love, LOVE grapefruit (dusted with a little sugar, of course)!  The only problem is TIME.  Seriously, did God create grapefruit to help people work on their patience levels?   I’m assuming Adam and Eve’s forbidden fruit was NOT a grapefruit because surely by the time they would have gotten the slices prepared to eat, they would have totally been over the temptation, moved on and avoided their later discussion with God.  HAHA.   The five grapefruit I purchased have been eaten, but you better believe each one of them caused stress-induced contractions.  Seriously.  In the future, I’ll stick to this method:

Doesn’t that look SO MUCH EASIER?  Surely brings my blood pressure down a few notches!

I do have another recipe that I want to share with ya’ll.  My friend Becky served up the BEST BREAD the other night when we went to dinner at their house.  She is so on top of things and already sent me the recipe.  Thanks Becky!  I haven’t made it yet, but it looks doable and I hope to try it on my own very soon.  So…if you are looking for another EASY bread recipe to add to your cooking collection, try this one:

Becky’s Bread

We’re Desperate

WARNING:  I apologize for the following picture, and now I will explain my excuses for the nastiness: 1) It was late. 2) I’m 9 months + pregnant.  3) Originally I wasn’t planning on posting this to the blog, but because I want you all to be involved in our journey into parenthood I decided to post it! 

Check out what Coach picked up for me on the way home from work two nights ago. 


Apparently he’s hoping we can bounce this baby right on out into the world!  He has required that I sit on the ball while we work in the evenings.  If anything, I’m acquiring better posture and getting a little ab exercise…as if extreme stretching wasn’t enough!  haha. 

What?  Why am I wearing a scarf?  Because our house is cold.  See title.  I’m frugal, people!  Just ask my brother and sister-in-law who I’m pretty sure we froze out when they visited last month.  Oops.  I’m sure they have thawed out by now.  I promise to turn it up to 68+ when the baby is born…I pinky swear. 

Baby Pics

Who will baby look like more?  Coach or muah?



or Me?


Seriously, does that chair scream RECALL/SAFETY HAZARD or what? 

Daily Obsessions

  • If you are heading to the mall this weekend, be sure to stop by Bath and Body Works to pick up some FREE lotion!  And…if you decide to purchase something while you are there, you can get a FREE travel size item too!
  • Also, Sears is having a Facebook coupon give-a-way this weekend.  If you ‘Like’ them here, you will have access to three coupons: $5 off $10 Sears Purchase, $25 off $75 Sears Home Appliance Stores Purchase, $25 off $75 Sears Hometown Stores Purchase.  I really love the $5/$10 (a couponing shortcut term meaning $5 off $10 purchase) coupon for purchases like socks, underwear, things you need but never want to buy until you have a coupon!  JC Penny sometimes sends $10 coupons which I use those the same sort of items.  Hey, if you’re going to the mall already…you might as well get a $10 something for $5…even better when the $10 item is on sale for $10 = bigger savings!  via dealsavingmom.com
  • Other weekend printable mall coupons can be found here.  via savingmoneyinmissouri.com
  • If your weekend is NOT going to include shopping (maybe you are having a spending freeze weekend!), then cleaning out your medicine cabinet may be on your To Do List.  For information on what to toss…read here.
  • Parent’s Magazine for $1!  Go to barnesandnoble.com and use coupon code K9B9J4H at checkout.  This might be a good gift for any pregnant person you know!!!  via commonsensewithmoney.com
  • Who doesn’t love FREE makeup?

One thought on “Due Date + 6

  1. Becky says:

    Hi! I just found your blog after someone mentioned it on your facebook page… I’ll add you to my reader now! 🙂

    Love the pic of the yoga ball – it actually did help me progress, so I’ll cross my fingers it works for you too!

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