Due Date + 4

I’ve been completely exhausted today.  After another night of no sleep, I’ve been nothing but lazy all day long…oops.  I did manage to get out to a few grocery stores this afternoon, but came back completely trashed (as in tired!).  Hopefully this means there is progression going on SOMEWHERE. 

Plus it’s official, I’m waddling.

Sorry for the short post, but today wasn’t too eventful around here.  Coach did decide to stay back – which he said was a no-brainer, so I’ll be glad to have him around tonight and tomorrow should anything happen. 

Otherwise, I don’t have anything else to post.  I did, however, want to be sure I at least listed some DOs.

Oh, but first!  Now that my gift has been delivered, I can show you the adorable wall hanging I ordered for my friend Dana’s little girl Adelaide.

So I’ve discussed the etsy.com before, but it’s a website where artists and collectors can sell their products – whether it be holiday pot holders or custom signs like this:

Baby Celebration Print

ADORABLE, right?  Well, I ordered Addy one for her room and I am excited to see it up when I visit them soon.  It has all of her birth information listed on the picture and came matted (not framed) within a week of placing the order.  The artist who made the picture has some other REALLY cool things, so be sure to check out her store here in seeing more of her stuff.  She also had a really cute baby name platte, but I thought the other one would match Addy’s room better.  Here is the other one. 

Baby Platte

I’m thinking our little munchkin might need one once we find out what he/she is!  Love!

Daily Obsessions:

  • This iron on wall hanging idea looks like it could turn out to be a nightmare or a total decorating success.  Either way it’s a cheap way to get some things on your walls! via ohdeedoh.com
  • I’m sure some of you have figured this out by now, but I’m obsessed with Amazon.com.  Well, today you can purchase a $20 gift card for $10.  DO IT!  I already know what stainless steel trashcan I am going to purchase for the baby’s room.  We decided to go against the typical Diaper Genie and reuse grocery trash bags. 
  • Since we have an iPad now, I’m trying to get into the ebook trend.  If this is you too, well know that today you can download a FREE Betty Crocker cookbook right here.
  • OOO…this is great for all of you Netflix rookies!  You can try a out the service for one month to see if you like it here.  Do it and let me know what you think.  If you have a Wii, be sure to look into how to stream the movies through your Wii through your wireless internet.  It’s seriously the best!  At least just try it for a month.
  • Homemade soft pretzel bites?  Yes please!



3 thoughts on “Due Date + 4

  1. Laura says:

    Love love love the signs; do you get as lost (time-wise) on Etsy as I do? I have to force myself off the computer sometimes! It is a great source for admiring people’s talents and also for inspiration for your own projects.

    As much as I love seeing your blog updated, I am hoping for a break for YOUR sake. Have that baby already!! 😉

  2. Vicki says:

    Love reading your blog!!! I remember the inability to sleep at the end of pregnancy-you end up being exhausted even before labor starts..Nap as much as you can!!

  3. Nicole says:

    Hang in there! I was 8 days past due when Nora decided to arrive…actually, we had to force her to arrive! I know it’s hard to hear it but enjoy these last few days of just you and your husband. Watch movies, TAKE NAPS, go out to eat…you won’t be doing that for a couple months.

    And love the prints from Etsy. We got one for Nora too and I adore it. Love etsy.

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