Due Date +3

Brrr…it’s FREEZING here!  How is the weather where you are?  From what the weatherman says, it sounds as though the whole Midwest is going (or is getting) hit with a wintery mix over the next few days.  Great…right when the snow finally melted on our driveway, we get hit again!  I guess this means I should probably purchase a shovel after all.  The only silver lining here is that maybe the cold weather will make me shiver, which will make me have some contractions, which will lead to BABY!  Probably not, but one can always dream.

Coach and I went to the Dr. today to have our very first non-stress test.  What is a NST?  Well…because we have passed our due date, my doctor wants to evaluate the baby through non-stress tests to be sure the baby’s health is okay.  But wait, when does mom get an official stress test?  haha.  Never?  Oh.   Anyway…the test looks at the baby’s heart rate, the intensity of my contractions and the reaction to the baby during those contractions to be sure he/she is receiving enough oxygen.  Well, the baby passed!  Based on that information, my doctor feels comfortable letting me ‘ride this out!’ for awhile.  Coach and I both feel strongly in letting this baby come into this world when it is ready, so talk of induction is going to wait another week.  Our Dr. does not like babies to go much longer than 42 weeks because of changes that begin to happen in the mothers body after too long that can compromise the health of the baby.  So…we get to wait another week, but let hope things get a movin’ real, REAL soon!

This late-baby-business is not really working well with the collegiate basketball schedule!  Coach had home games this past Saturday and Monday, so we figured that if the baby came on time or even a day or two late that he would be in town.  Now, the team is due to leave for Wisconsin tomorrow and we’re debating about Coach’s plans to go or not.  I don’t think he’s planning on it, but after today’s results at the Dr. we are thinking this baby will be in utero FOREVER!  Again, another lesson from The Man Above to forewarn us…our entire life schedule is about to be unpredictable so GET USED TO IT!  I know Coach would be heartbroken if he missed any part of this labor, so I’m thinking he will stay back.  Plus, who else is going to push start and stop on our contraction timer app?

Tire Update

I know all ya’ll have been incredibly concerned about the tire on Coach’s car.  Well…I can happily update you that everything is fixed and driving like a brand new whip!  I enjoyed my morning hanging out with the guys ‘at the shop’ and learned a lot of new things about gossip in the neighborhood, had the entire STL road system explained to me and had a long conversation about the trash business with one of the other waiting customers – a trash man.  He tried convincing me to begin composting, but I told I’ve got to conquer recycling first!  We can work on the composting next year, maybe.  In our town, trash is handled by the city and recycling is just part of the fee.  So there really isn’t an excuse for me NOT to recycle, other than I haven’t figured out a really good system quite yet.  I’m working on that though.  I promise.  Composting is a whole different animal…don’t you have to put worms on compost…?  No thanks.  I’ll substitute that ‘green’ duty with reusable grocery bags, another green activity that I am trying to be better at  as well.

That Was Easy

I told Coach he could pick ANYTHING he wanted to have for dinner and this is what he chose.  I was thinking like breaded pork chops or something real fancy, but it looks like it’s going to be an easy night of cooking!  Gotta love a low maintenance hubby!

Daily Obsessions:

  • If one of your New Years Resolutions is to clean out your closets, then now is the perfect time to at least sort through your jeans.  Aeropostale is participating in a Jeans for Teens program and will be sure that the jeans you drop off at any of their locations get donated to teens in your area.  So great!  Never shopped at Aeropostale?  It’s a teen store, but I’m sure they will take jeans from ANYONE!  Here is a searchable resources listing their locations.
  • I’ve posted this before (it’s one of Coach’s favs), but ESPN Magazine is on sale for $2.99/year again through Tanga.  One blog recommended this would make a good Valentine’s gift!  I agree!  If anything, it keeps your Valentine quiet for about an hour twice a month!  Wait…did I just admit that?  In order to get the discount, be sure to enter ESPN at checkout.
  • More free movie rental codes:
    • Redbox: WXM52MD via commonsensewithmoney.com
    • Blockbuster ExpressMRC37H – good through 2/25  via savingslifestyle.com
  • Everyone is talking about Land’s End’s Clearance Sale.  Check it out!  Use code freeshipping and pin: 5859 to get free shipping.
  • Homemade Poptarts?  A MUST TRY!

That’s it!



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