Moby? Maybe!

Hello everyone.  No, there is no baby.  Coach stayed home from a 7-hour road trip today so we could go to the Dr. and check on our progress.  My official due date is Saturday, but he wanted to be safe and not feel like he needed to rush home from 7 hours away if something happened.  The Dr. said that there has been some progression, so we are thinking (and hoping!) that something happens over the weekend…maybe!  It’s been kind of a long day and I don’t really have much to write.  I will be posting updates about the baby from my phone whenever I can, but be patient! 

If you’re tired of checking back on the site, try subscribing to my emails on the right-hand side of this blog.  If you subscribe, you will receive an email when I publish a new post.  It might be easier for you that way!  However, if you prefer to check back….that’s okay too! 

I spoke to both my mom and mother-in-law today and both are ready to head this way once they get ‘the call’!  For those of you do don’t know, this is the first grandbaby for my parents and they are SUPER excited for the little one to arrive.  Don’t be mistaken, Coach’s parents are just as excited.  It’s going to be great to have both sets of grandparents here to welcome their grandchild.  My mom is planning to stay for a week after the baby is born and Coach’s mom is planning to come back and stay later in the month.  How wonderful it will be to have two experienced mothers helping me out. Coach’s season will be done mid-February, so I won’t have too long to be testing the waters during the day alone.  Once the season is over, I’m thinking Coach will want EVERY SINGLE moment he can manage with the baby.  He’ll still have to work every day, but his hours won’t be nearly as long as they are now.  I received one of these Moby Wraps for a baby shower gift.  According to online reviews, this wrap is the THING TO HAVE!  So my big joke with Coach is that men can wear them too…at least that is what the website shows.  Now our Moby isn’t plaid, but I think he could pull it off! 

There is even a picture with a manly-man in camouflage with a fishing pole holding his baby in a Moby, so they have GOT to be suitable for men to wear around.  I wonder if we can get one with basketballs on them?  Or maybe his team’s logo?  haha.  I’ll have to look into that.  I personally think it’s kind of cute for guys to wear these around the house, but I have a feeling that Coach has a different impression of who should be wearing this attachment parenting mechanism.  I’m pretty excited to test it out myself!  Oh, and if you need one, you can buy one here.

I stopped by the library yesterday to drop of some books and one book on CD and also to check to see if they had another book telling you how to successfully raise a perfectly sleeping baby.  What?  You think I’m crazy for reading these books?  I probably am but in the meantime I am becoming a master in the art of sleeping babies! I’ve probably read over six books on how to get babies to be good sleepers and wouldn’t you know it, most of them are the same!  Yet, I fall into another trap of trying to convince myself that one strategy is better than the other…when in the end they are all have the same basic elements to their program. Except for the co-sleeping strategies.  There is NO WAY I want to encourage a family bed model in this house.  That’s why I took months to decorate the baby’s room, right?  Outside of the first few weeks in the bassinet, the baby will be sleeping in his/her room.  Although I’m sure Coach will have something to say about that….he’s the softy between the two of us for sure!

Yesterday Recap

Thank you to everyone who liked our NY Resolutions.  I think it became a pretty decent list of things to aim for in 2011.  However, I never heard any of your resolutions…? 


Daily Obsessions:

  • Um…I might have to add these to my recipe collection.
  • I’ve always seen the Neti-Pot advertised and quite frankly I’m a little intrigued by the concept.  So…if you are a FB user, head over to their FB page, ‘Like’ them and get a FREE one sent to you!  I mean, you just saw that I fell for the Moby Wrap concept AND all the sleeping baby techniques, so you KNOW I ordered one for myself!  If you miss the FREEBIE sale and still want to try it, you can always get one here.
  • Do you have a party coming up?  Here is a cute decoration idea!

4 thoughts on “Moby? Maybe!

  1. Lyndsey says:

    Can’t wait for that baby to get here! I do chack your blog daily but I also ask J, have the H’s had the abby yet?! Since no one put their New Year Resolutions I figured I would:
    1. Start a Happiness Project: So far successful!
    2. Attend yoga classes
    And those are it! Good luck this weekend and hope to see pics of the beautiful baby! I have a feeling it’s going to be a BOY!

  2. Nicole says:

    Hey! It’s Nicole, Kylie’s sis. She showed me your blog this weekend so you have a new reader! Hope that baby comes to meet you soon!

    You will LOVE having your mom come and stay with you for a bit. My mom and Kylie came quite a bit over my maternity leave and it was fun to have other adults around. And totally take advantage of naps and showers while they are there!

    Also, in reference to the books you read about baby sleep…have you read The Baby Whisperer or 12 hours in 12 weeks? I skimmed both of those and thought they were pretty helpful. We didn’t follow all of their schedules or suggestions to a T but got the gist of it and we had our little one sleeping through the night by 13 weeks. And we probably could have done it sooner but I hadn’t read the books. Big mistake! 🙂 So when you’re up during the middle of the night feeding, wondering if you will ever sleep through the night again, remember…you will!

    • Hi Nicole!
      Thanks for reading the blog. I’m also REALLY glad you commented. I always enjoy knowing who is reading and being able to show my husband that people ARE actually reading what I have to say! haha. I will check out the books. Those are two that I haven’t read yet…who knew there were so many baby sleeping books out there? Must be a true sign of what’s to come. Nora is adorable. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her hair. Babies with a lot of dark hair always melt my heart. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying motherhood. I might be needing your ideas in the next few weeks. That is, if this baby ever decides to make his/her grand entrance…

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