Dancing on the Ceiling

Coach and I have been trying to figure out how and what we want to focus on in 2011, in addition to becoming the best parents we can be!  So…after much thought, we have decided on the following resolutions:

  1. We will be on a spending freeze one week each month.  Coach and I are both pretty frugal, but we still do some senseless spending every once in awhile.  No grocery shopping, rather we’ll make due with what we have at the house.  No random trips to the gas station to get a soda, only to purchase gas.  No Amazon.com shopping for me!  No Saturday or Sunday lunches out.  For that week, our bank account will stand still and nothing will be purchased.    By having these random spending freezes, I am hoping we will learn to adapt to things we already have at home!
  2. Find a church.  This is a whole long story/issue, but Coach and I have ‘shopped’ churches in the area without really finding the one that we like!  We were both raised ELCA Lutheran and happen to live one county north of where Missouri Synod Lutheran churches started.  So…there aren’t TONS of options in our area, without having to drive 20-30 minutes into the city.  We might have to be a little creative in 2011 and venture into some unfamiliar territories, like CONTEMPORARY SERVICES.  Eek.  Makes me nervous, but it’s one of the changes we will have to consider so we can go to church as a family.  Very rarely do you find traditional services for the later service, so contemporary it is!  The problem is…this is what comes to mind when I think contemporary:    And this is what I prefer or shall I say, this is what I’m used to:
  3.  Attend five FREE cultural events in St. Louis as a family. I know five may not sound like a lot, but we really only have the Summer months to complete these.  One of the things we tried to do while living in KY (and probably could have done even more of )is attend cultural events around the area.  We watched the horses run at the Derby, we hiked the Appalachian mountains, I attended the Spoon Bread Festival, but there was so much more we could have seen!  So before I regret anything, I am going to drag my little family of three along to some FREE events around town.  Don’t worry…I’ll take you all along for the ride!

Let’s just hope by the end of December we can say we were successful in our resolutions! Who knows, maybe overtime we’ll decide to add a few more but I think we first want to tackle parenthood.  It’s a start.

Personal Resolutions

It wouldn’t be fair of me to ask ya’ll to come up with some resolutions if I didn’t share mine.  So below are some things I am planning to accomplish in 2011. 

  1. Track my coupon savings online.  I mentioned this about a week ago, but I want put it out here officially on the blog.  I hope to be able to report a total number of dollars saved in 2011 by the end of December. 
  2. Start/continue both a baby book and daily journal.  I already have a baby book started for our peanut, but I want to be sure I continue to add pictures and memories for the little one to see someday.  Also, I have purchased the necessary items to make one of these and hope to continue this throughout our baby’s life.  Just one thought/memory a day.  I can do that! 
  3. Do something active for 30 minutes, three times a week and track it!  I don’t care if this includes mall walking!  I just want to be active in 2011.  Netflix offers some really fabulous workout/yoga videos, so even hitting those up every once in awhile would fit this resolution.
  4. Learn to sew.  I think this is pretty self-explanatory, but I have seen FAR TOO MANY adorable websites with sewing projects that I must learn how to sew successfully.  I might have to call upon my cousin Natalie to help me with this…she’s an everyday Martha Stewart…really, she is….she teaches home economics people!
  5. FULLY clean the house once a week.  I know this might be a stretch for the first couple weeks of Baby’s life, but eventually I would like to get to this once-a-week goal!  I’ve decided that the only way to REALLY accomplish this would be to invite someone over to the house, so I’m forced to clean it!  Our house is small enough that this can’t be too big of a goal…we shall see…

So there you have our resolutions.  They are on the internet and ready for the world to see.  Eek.  What are some of your resolutions?  I’m sure you can at least come up with one to share!

Car Trouble

Coach called last night to say his car had a flat tire.  Yikes!  Luckily I was raised by a father who has provided his children with EVERY mechanical toy possible therefore I open the truck to see what I have and WAHLA – a portable air compressor.  Who would have thought?  It took Coach and I a minute to figure out where the cord was located, but after a little pulling, pushing and tugging it worked!  Thanks Dad!!!  Now we just need to figure out what is wrong with the car since Walmart said their wasn’t a hole in the tire…hmm…interesting…

Squirrels, Shmirrels

Okay, so since I am at home all day I tend to hear things around the house that Coach never hears in the evening or on the weekends for some reason.  And to tell you the truth, this drives both of us crazy!  I try to tell him about what I hear and he tells me he doesn’t really believe me.  I realize that sometimes these noises have caused slight paranoia – like when I thought there were birds or bats in our fireplace – but still.  That being said, let me tell you about my latest ‘find’.

For about two weeks I have been hearing some rustling above my head throughout the upstairs of our house.  I know it’s not a mouse because it’s much louder than the noise a small little mouse could ever make, so I assume it’s a squirrel.  When we purchased our house, we negotiated having the roof redone because our initial home inspection came back stating that we had squirrel damage.  Remember the park-like yard that produced these?  IMG00191-20101205-1631

So it can’t be that hard to imagine how many trees we have at this house.  Trees = SQUIRRELS!  Growing up in a newly built home with new trees, I always thought squirrels were so cute.  However, I am beginning to believe that these fuzzy things are just extensions of RATS!  Okay, back to the story.  So a few days ago I am in bed working on the iPad when all of a sudden I hear the pitter-patters again.  This time though they are directly over my head.  I quickly got up and opened the blinds to a window that looks out over a large tree on the side of our yard.  I waited awhile…and then heard it again.  I jumped up and looked out the window only to see a squirrel jumping from the house onto a tree branch.  Now, not knowing our house inside and out, I assumed one of two things could be occurring:

  1. Either this squirrel was just having a fun little play date on our roof OR
  2. This little demon-squirrel was coming from a hole in the gutters which would allow it to gain access (somehow) to the attic where it was building a nest, having babies and preparing for a long winter IN OUR HOME!

Worried it might be the second of the two options, I quickly ran outside to investigate and found THIS:


Like a good wife and daughter, I quickly text both Coach and my dad to let them know we might have a little project for them to combat!  Sure enough, even after the picture proof, both still think I’m crazy and that the squirrels are just running across the roof.  Louise, how could they get from this vent to the tree?  And Louise, how can a chubby little cute squirrel fit through that vent?  Okay you two…we can wait until the Spring, that’s fine…but just know that there is a party going on up there leaving so much more to clean up in a few months!  Amen.

Daily Obsessions:

Not many today!

  • More Target deals
  • The Children’s Place is having crazy sales right now, plus FREE SHIPPING.  Use code FSSNOW!  Also, use the code DNEWS1C to get an additional 15% off your purchase! via savingslifestyle.com
  • My brother and I used to play Car Bingo when we were little.  I loved that game!  We also had little games about finding white horses, spotting windmills and of course – slug bug, no slugs back!  For those of you with toddlers, here are some printable car bingo cards!  How fun is this?  Great learning tool too! 

4 thoughts on “Dancing on the Ceiling

  1. MOM says:

    Love Love Love the resolutions! I, too, would like to take the time to catch up on more of the cultural things in the area—I know, I will need to go to Omaha. Also—loved the choir, of course!! Our choir members at Sinai are so wonderful and EVERYONE asked about our new baby tonight! I hope you find a church with such loving and caring people as we have at Sinai! Hi to Coach and Baby!!! Love you all

  2. Thanks Mom! We’re trying to be better in the church category of our lives. No more excuses! We’re grownups for goodness sake! We’ll see where 2011 takes us. And yes, our goal is to find something much like Sinai.

  3. Laura says:

    Your resolutions are terrific and I am especially rooting for you on the joint ones. The spending freeze is intriguing and I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes.

    Finding the right church can be difficult! After months of “shopping around” all across Lincoln, the one we both finally agreed on (and actually happened to be my/our denomination, Disciples of Christ) turned out to be just five minutes from our place!

  4. diane says:

    Wonderful goals for 2011! I hope your church search leads you to the right place for you! You’ll know it when you find it. I love your writing – I can hear your voice as I read. Thinking of you in these days of anticipation for the big arrival!

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