Get It Done Day

With Coach out of town, I’m feeling the need to get out of the house and see a little bit of civilization.  I have a few more things to return/exchange before the baby arrives, so I woke up early this morning to blog, get a few loads of laundry done, shower. load the dishwasher and be ready to hit the stores at 10:30.  I know you all care where I’m going, so here is the rundown…

  • World Market:  I need to return a string of lights that failed our paperStock up on these sweet deals while they last! Sale prices starting at 25¢ lantern experiment in the baby’s room.  I also did see WM has 75% off their holiday food items!  What would satisfy a woman in labor more than a little piece of chocolate from England?  I really can’t think of anything else.  Buy the way, is it Cost Plus or World Market?  I use the names interchangeably but I never really know which one is correct. 
  • Babies R Us:  Although we don’t know the sex of our baby, I have slowly been eyeing baby boy and girl outfits for my sister-in-law’s wedding in February.  There is an ADORABLE little boy’s outfit at Babies R Us right now and I’m hoping it’s on sale because I will get an additional 40% off with this coupon.  I also have a $5 coupon to use towards the purchase, so hopefully I can get it for SUPER cheap!  I may end up purchasing a few other things there as well since the baby will be arriving with their 90 day return policy!
  • Target:  I also have a return to make at Target and I want to check out their Holiday Glade candles.  Rumor around the frugal-blogging world is that their holiday candle series are on mega-sale right now and when partnered with a few $1 coupons, you can get them SUPER CHEAP.  It never hurts to have a good smelling home.  Also, not that I need any.more.dishes around this house, but Target has their dishes marked down 50% off (at least that’s what the blog-world says!).  If you have an upcoming college graduate, you may want to consider buying their gift a little early!
  • Home Depot:  When we moved into our new home (late August), we were only given one garage door remote.  Poor Coach has had to deal with either parking out on our driveway or doing the run-and-jump-over-the-garage-door-laser for far too long.  Since his car NEEDS to be in the garage during the cold evenings (otherwise it may or may not start in the morning!), I’ve decided that he really needs an opener. 
  • USPS:  I have shattered two of my Pampered Chef stones.  UGH! How, I have no idea!  Well…one of them I know…okay…the original package said not to put anything frozen on the stone before placing it in the oven. Got it.  But what if you have their large pizza stone?  Who let’s their frozen pizza thaw before baking it?  Isn’t that the point of frozen pizza?  Either way those things are too expensive to just throw away. According to the Web, Pampered Chef will return the stones within three years of their purchase date.  So how much do I need to pack them up before I ship them?  I mean, they’re already broken?  I’ll probably just put some paper around each piece so that it looks like I tried.  I’m just nervous about the cost of sending those things…they’re heavy!

My experiment with the crock-pot rice yesterday was successful!  YEAH!  Well, the batch did turn out a bit mushy, but not over cooked at all.  I’ll let you know how the rice turns out when we actually eat it, but leaving it in the CP for 3-4 hours was WAY easier than planning 45 minutes before a meal.  ALSO (this is SUPER exciting for a blogging geek like myself!) if you read the comment section from yesterday, you will see that the Mom who originally posted that recipe here wrote to me!  She is the writer of and co-founder of and was getting referrals from my blog yesterday so she decided to write and introduce herself!  Now for those of you non-techies, let me explain:  All of the blue links (called hyperlinks) will direct you to the website where I found the information.  It’s kind of a way to cite resources within your blog.  Anyway, the host of that website can see where the jumps/pings are coming from or who is referring traffic to their site.  So…yesterday she got some ‘pings’ from my site since some of you clicked on the hyperlink which led you to her site. Get it?  Super crazy, huh?  I love it!  Her comment was so sweet and she was willing to pass on some information about how to monetize ($$)my blog.  Hopefully I’ll be able to use some of her information as I try to find my niche in this over-crowded blog market.  Thanks Andrea!

Country Strong PosterFriends, I have got a busy day ahead of me!  I hope ya’ll have a wonderful weekend!  Coach is gone until tomorrow night, but (I believe) we have Sunday all to ourselves.  So great.  I was planning on dragging him to see Gwyneth Paltrow’s new movie Country Strong, but after seeing the HORRIBLE reviews I think I’ll pass.  It would be bad enough to make him see it, let alone not even enjoy it myself!  Maybe we’ll go see The Fighter instead.

I’ll post more Daily Obsessions later today since it’s a bit early for many of my resources.  However, I do have a few to share.

Daily Obsessions:

  • If you’re into blog reading, check out my cousin Caitlin’s blog A Chopstick Affair (ADORABLE NAME!).  Caitlin was accepted into Hong Kong Polytechnic University, which (after a quick Google search) I learned is the 166th top overall University in the WORLD!  Caitlin is spending a semester in HK and is writing about her adventures across Asia on her blog.  Check it out.
  • I’m a bit of a movie snob, so I like to do my research before dedicating 2 hours of my life and $12 of my income to anything.  One resource I have come to love is Rotten Tomatoes.  RT basically takes critic reviews from all over and gives the movie a score.  Either the movie is a tomato or it’s rotten.  Anything over 50% is considered a tomato, although I think that’s being a bit generous!  So the next time you want to see a movie, check out RT first to see if it’s worth the investment and time.
  • More to come!

One thought on “Get It Done Day

  1. KIG says:

    We hardly watch a movie before checking it out on Rotten Tomatoes and rarely do we spend time on anything that gets less than a 60%. For example, Toy Story 3. You’d think a sequel wouldn’t be so good; got a 99% on RT and we all loved it, except Will didn’t like the “fire” scene in the recycling plant. Can’t win ’em all.

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