Delayed Post

  • I did find some fabulous deals at
    Target today – especially baby
    stuff and those Glade Holiday candles I mentioned
    earlier. The Christmas stuff is 90% off so if you need to
    stock up for next year, you’d better get a-goin!
  • I’m sure many of you are getting those Valentine’s Day
    cards ready to be sent out, so be sure to get some FREE
    Valentine’s return labels
  • A few
    years ago, I came across my state’s Unclaimed Property page and
    found my name! I filled out a little paperwork and got a
    check for $25! Whew. Well today, I came across
    site. I’ve already checked the three
    states that apply to Coach and I and didn’t find
    anything. Shoot. So not it’s your turn to take
    a moment to see if someone owes you money!!! I mean
    really, what do you have to lose? via
  • Do you have a National Park near you? If so, be
    sure to mark these
    on your calendar when you can enjoy FREE
    ADMISSION. Even if it’s just for a picnic, what a fun
    FREE outing. via
  • My cousin Natalie (aka First
    ) has been having some problems with her two-year-old
    son crawling into their bed during the night. I couldn’t
    help but think of her when I came across this
    post today. Has anyone else heard of the Tape
    Trick? If so, did it work? Some moms are so
    darn clever!

One thought on “Delayed Post

  1. Lacey Quilhot says:

    I STRONGLY suggest seeing The Fighter…Mike and I went last weekend and really enjoyed it! I hope you enjoy your last few days before the baby arrives!

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