The Freezer is Stocked…Well, Kinda

Over the last few days I have been attempting to stock our house with food, paper products and any of the necessities we might need during the few weeks after the baby is born.  I have a hard time believing the books, but they make it seem like I will be NON-FUNCTIONAL for 2-3 weeks.  What?  I can’t imagine.  My mom will be in town for a week after the baby arrives (HALLELUJAH!), but I still want to be prepared.  I mean come on, I had nine months to get everything ready! 

Funny story:  Coach and I were talking over dinner last night about how crazy it is that right now I have a baby in my stomach!  I know that sounds weird, but when it’s you carrying the baby, you can’t help but be completely fascinated yet a little weirded out by the whole concept.  People, in less then 10 days I am going to birth a baby!  SO CRAZY.  Anyway, during this off-the-wall dinner conversation, Coach looked at me and said:  “Isn’t it crazy that for someone who can’t even grow tomatoes, you’re still able to grow a baby?”  HAHAHA.  For those of you who aren’t long-time blog readers, I royally failed at my first gardening attempt this summer.  Oops.  But hey, I guess Coach is right…at least I have been successful at growing a baby.

So…in the course of planning this adventure, I have stumbled across some yummy freezer-friendly recipes which I will share later. 

Special Thanks

Thanks to everyone who commented with such sweet things about the baby’s room! I am so happy to see such a warm response.  I really don’t believe the video does the roomDSCF2595 much justice, but at least ya’ll have an idea of what we’ve been doing over the past few months.  Coach was very sweet the other night because he just stood in the room and said, “This room turned out so cute, who would have thought?  Nice job at turning it all around into our baby’s room.”  I never really considered myself much of a decorator, but I have really enjoyed gathering ideas for the nursery.  I’m still waiting on someone to take me up on the FREE pennant…they are already cut people!  haha.  Just kidding, but I do have them if anyone wants them!

Yesterday I ran some errands in order to get my bag fully-packed for the hospital.  I needed to get some good slippers because the ones I have (WHICH I LOVE!) got wet on the wool and leather and have grown smelly over the past few months.  Gross, I know but I didn’t think it would be appropriate to drag them into the hospital with me.  I also wanted to pick up a good pair of sweatpants to wear while staying at the hospital.  I always wear a pair of Coach’s around the house, but again, I didn’t think I should go there in public.  Either way, it took me FOREVER to find a pair of plain, black, medium sweatpants.  Good grief!  And as much as I hate saying this…Walmart pulled through for me.  It’s a good thing that store specializes in frumpy because they had LOTS of racks for me to check and finally find my size.  Note:  That isn’t me OR Coach in the picture, but I thought it was a good indication of what look I was trying to avoid in public post-baby.

The Flip

I had someone ask me about the Flip video camera that Coach and I picked up last week.  A Flip is a SMALL point and shoot camcorder.  You wouldn’t use it for a child’s soccer game or anything too memorable, rather it is something that can be stored in your purse for quick video moments.  The Mino version we purchased captures up to two hours of video on it’s 8GB internal hard drive (excuse the computer talk!) and does capture the video in HD, so one can assume the clarity is pretty decent.  However, because the item is so small you have to be careful that the image is stabilized fairly well.  So far, we are happy with the purchase.  The other reason we decided to purchase a Flip is because they write the video file in MP4 format, which can easily be transferred to email, Facebook or YouTube.  As our baby gets older and more active, we plan to post video online to share with our family and friends.  For $150, we felt it was a pretty good deal.   I’ll let you know in a few months though if we should have invested in a full-fledge camcorder this early or if we were correct in thinking that such a large purchase can wait until the baby is walking and talking.

Freezer Meal Ideas

This whole idea of freezing meals is fascinating to me.  Coach always says that I get this from my mother, who could (and I’m seriously not kidding) feed the entire Husker Football team a pretty good dinner out of items she has stocked in her kitchen and freezers (and there are multiple freezers!).  Hey, we never complained growing up with all the variety in the house!  And I’m pretty sure our house was THE HOUSE for after-school snacks and late night meals.  The Little Debbie stock had to have sky-rocketed when my brother and I were in high school.  haha.  Those of you who own stock in the business can cut me by dividend check later.  I, myself, probably kept Nutty Bars on the shelf in most Nebraska grocery stores throughout the 90s.  All kidding aside, I think there is something pretty organized about being able to freeze your meals once a month.  Oh no, I see a new obsession coming on….this is not good.  Do any of you freeze meals?  I mean, I will often freeze bags of cooked chicken breasts or various veggies that were on sale, but  WHOLE MEALS? 

Crock-Pot Brown Rice:  Well this one isn’t really a meal idea, but it’s a good idea!  I actually have some cooking in the crock-pot as I write!  I typically buy the cheap brown rice, you know the kind that takes like 498 hours to cook.  Why do I do this?  Because I’m cheap!  I can plan my meal a little earlier to heat up rice for 45 minutes which cost me less than $2 for 2 lbs, rather than pay $2.50 for 14 oz. Minute rice that lasts two meals.  That’s why I was SO excited to read about crock-pot rice online.  Here is what is currently cooking in the good ol CP:

  1. 2 lbs. of brown rice
  2. Enough water to fill 1 to 2 inches above the rice
  3. About 4 teaspoons of chicken bouillon.  I would have used chicken stock instead of water, but I only have one can and might use it to make some chicken noodle soup later. 
  4. 4 T. butter or margarine.  I actually have a potpourri of the two in there right now because I didn’t have enough butter.

I should have sprayed the inside of the CP before I put the rice in (oops), so I’ll let you know if I have a disaster on my hands in a few hours.  Anyway, the recipe says to let this cook for a good 3-4 hours on high while keeping a close eye on the rice so you don’t end up with rice mush.  After the rice cools, I am going to divide it into freezer bags for later usage.  How great is this?  Amazing!

If you are like me and this whole freezing meals thing is fascinating, than you’ll LOVE this site:  Every month this mom posts a whole list of recipes that can be frozen and even gives you labels to print off for the freezer bags!  How cute is that?  I will be using this website in the future FOR SURE.  Check it over and let me know what you think of it as well.  Way cool.

I also managed to make the following recipes this week for the freezer:

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake:  I have posted this on the blog before, but it’s one dish that Coach still asks about so I made it again.
  • Zatarain’s Dirty Rice with Turkey Sausage:  I made a batch of this and plan to just get it out of the freezer, thaw and stick in the oven to heat up. 

Since Coach is gone for a few days, I am going to do some baking tonight and freeze some muffins and scones for breakfast foods.  I mean these Glazed Cinnamon Scones look good!  I’ll let you know how they turn out. 

Daily Obsessions

  • Sometimes you just need a website to completely free your mind of anything normal.  If this is you, check out  I had someone tell me about it awhile ago and every once in awhile I’ll head over to the website to check it out.  Stumbleupon allows you to create a profile with your likes/dislikes and then stumbles you upon websites across the internet they think you might find interesting.  It’s worth a try.  Some of the websites are lame and some are REALLY COOL.  The internet is SO HUGE that it’s websites like this that will help you find  the unique ones that match your personality.  Check it out!  As an example, I have it in my profile that I like pictures so my first Stumbleupon site brought me to this.  Adorable.
  • Get some free Post-It notes here!
  • I stopped by the mall yesterday and it was like SALE HEAVEN!  Sadly, I’m not really looking for anything right now but if you are….here are some sales to check out:
    • I never have any luck at Old Navy, but some of you do!  They are having CRAZY SALES right now if you are interested!  Up to 70% off items.
    • Also, many of my friends have told me that New York and Company is also having some great sales!  And…use the code 5519 or this coupon to receive $25 off a $75 purchase.  Couple the coupon with the already reduced prices and WALAH…that’s couponing at it’s best!
    • Express is also having mega sales!



4 thoughts on “The Freezer is Stocked…Well, Kinda

  1. Laura says:

    We keep our Nutty Bars in the freezer. 🙂

    I’m sure the Flip will be great to have on hand and will really come in handy for capturing moments for your family and friends. Looking forward to seeing your videos on here too!

  2. Hi! I just wanted to stop over and say “Hi” since I got a ping from your link to the rice (I hope it turned out ok). And, I was reading up on your previous posts about your desire to monetize your site. Please check out my site/page under Strategies to Earn. I talk all about monetizing a blog!! Also, check out another site I co-founded, (and #savvyblogging on twitter).

    Good luck with your delivery – the room turned out adorable!

  3. Lyndsey says:

    Well…. I am mildly obsessed with your blog! I check it everyday to see what is going on in your and coach’s lives! LOVE the babies room, too cute! So glad to see that your transition has been great and you guys are happy! Good luck with delivery and I look forward to seeing pics of the beautiful baby!!!!

  4. KIG says:

    Just a note on the first couple weeks after the baby. No, you will not be non-functional, but you will have a little person attached to you body who takes 45 minutes to eat, then needs to do it again in two more hours. In the meantime, you might want a shower and a 20 minute nap, so there goes your cooking time. Somehow it all evaporates away, the time that is, and six weeks have passed, so having your freezer stocked, your mom on hand, and lots of casseroles coming in the door will be very helpful. (:

    And I have another brown recipe recipe that I love.
    Baked Brown Rice
    1 3/4 cups brown rice
    3 1/2 cups water
    1 3/4 tsp salt
    1 tablespoon butter (optional)

    Preheat oven to 350. Place all ingredients in a casserole dish and stir. Bake in oven for about one hour (stir once halfway through, if you remember to), then leave in oven for up to another hour. Fluff with a fork and serve, refrigerate, or freeze. Makes enough for two meals for two big people and two little people at my house.

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