The Big Reveal!

Okay, Coach and I had a fairly productive weekend.  His team played on Saturday afternoon and he had all of Sunday off which meant one thing…FULL-FLEDGE NESTING!  My top priority was to get the baby’s room absolutely complete and I think we did it!  We may need to add a little more light eventually, but for awhile what we have will fine.  We also stopped by Best Buy and picked up a little Flip video camera so we can take quick videos to email to our friends and family all over.  I won’t even get into the process of making that purchase, but let me just say that I researched my little heart out only to be blindsided by my naive-ness.  Ugh.  How frustrating.  We are happy we finally got one though and I practiced using it while making the following video about baby’s new room.  I need to work on my stabilization a bit…I didn’t realize I was so shaky!  Oh well, you get a visual of the room anyway.  I am excited to play around with this little toy and hopefully I’ll be able to post more video about the baby for you all to see.  I’m sure that’s just how you want to spend your lunch hours…watching video of my baby!  Well those of you who want to see it (grandmas!) can and those who don’t care to can just skip over that section of the blog.  How’s that?

The Big Reveal

Here is the baby’s room in all it’s glory and fabulousness.  Now to review, I used these rooms as my inspiration:  this one and this one.  I wanted to keep everything gender neutral, but have the ability to splash some gender specific colors in due time.  I know the walls are a bit bare right now, but I think I’ll wait to find out the gender of the baby as well.  There are SO many cute ideas on Ohdeedoh and Etsy that I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with something!  I actually have an idea, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise for my friend Dana who is getting one as a gift from us for baby Addy.  I’ll post the information as soon as she gets it!

Special thanks to the following people who helped make this room so adorable:

  • My mother: who came to our house and helped create the curtains, crib skirt, rocking chair seat cover and changing table runner.  It was so, so fun to have her here that weekend and she has been awesome in helping me with money-saving ideas for the nursery.
  • Coach’s parents: who gave the baby his/her first bed!  I’m kind of obsessed with the crib and it certainly made the room become ‘the nursery’.
  • My grandma Irma: who helped me cut hundreds of pennants for the border.  However, if any of you LOVE the border LET ME KNOW!  Our calculations were a bit off and we are now left with TONS of extra pennants.  Oops.
  • All our friends and family who bought gifts, blankets, toys and clothes for this baby.  I sat in the rocking chair the other night while Coach was hooking up the lantern and could visually feel the love bouncing off everything that was in the room.  THANK YOU for helping to provide that to our little one!

Okay…the video is taking FOREVER to upload.  I’ll post it when it finally decides to finish.

Time to Pack Up!

Today I decided it’s time to pack the bags and prepare for our trip to the hospital.  This weekend was a true sign of the upcoming event when I heard that the first baby born in my home state was due on January 15th – same as our baby!  And, another girl I went to college with had her little one (who had the same due date) over the weekend as well.  I guess it’s time for me to pack our bags and get ready for labor.  It’s inevitable, right?

I am now seeing the doctor weekly, so we’ll know Wednesday if there has been any ‘progression’.  Coach is supposed to be going out of town on Thursday for a basketball game so we wanted to be sure everything was in check before he took off.  Luckily, the coaching staff he works with has been SUPER supportive and is allowing him to drive separately should he receive a VERY IMPORTANT PHONE CALL!  I also have some people here on-call for the weekend.  Coach and I are now on a only-call-if-you-know-I’m-not-in-practice-otherwise-I-assume-something-is-wrong rule.  Even then, Coach has his phone resting with one of the injured players to alarm him if I should call.  It kind of makes me have some comfort knowing that so many people are on-guard! 

This weekend marked our last free weekend as a two-some for many, manyTrue Grit Poster years to come.  It was wonderful to have to full day to ourselves on Sunday.  In addition to getting the baby’s room complete, we managed to sneak in dinner and a movie.  If any of you have yet to see True Grit…GO SEE IT!  I’ve been a huge Cohen Brothers fan ever since No Country For Old Men, so I had high expectations and  I was not disappointed at all!  The movie is witty, entertaining and has a solid plot line (a rarity these days!).  Although I am not a fan of old movies or westerns in particular, I would kind of be interested in seeing the 1969 version of True Grit to compare story lines.  I don’t know where the Cohen Brothers found the actress who played Maddie Ross but she is outstanding!  It’s worth going just to see her.  I know she wasn’t a big name…but she totally should have gotten credit on the movie poster.  She’s the real star of the movie!

Okay, I really don’t have any more updates for ya’ll.  It’s been pretty quiet around here as we are anxious, nervous and ecstatic to meet our new little one.  It should be an exciting couple of weeks and I PROMISE to put some pictures up as soon as the baby is born. 

Daily Obsessions:

  • I really want to be better about journaling (I guess you could say that’s what this is!), but I want to be able to pass on something to my kids someday about what we did together.  However, I always find myself doing something else and not taking the time to write something down…hence the reason I don’t have a baby book yet!  EEK!  But this looks doable and adorable!  All you have to do is write down ONE THING you did that day for a whole year.  I think I could do that!  How fun would it be to see how your ‘days’ change over the course of 10 years.  Crazy.  Here is another way to make one.  Let me know if you decide to do this!  via
  • If you are heading to the mall anytime soon, stop by Bath and Body Works and pick yourself up a small travel bottle of lotion!  Here is the coupon.  It’s good until January 26th.  via
  • If you are an O Magazine fan or an Oprah fan, you can get a one year subscription of her magazine for $10 today!  Head on over to Groupon and change your location to Las Vegas.  This might be a good birthday gift for any January birthdays you have in your family.  Otherwise, did you forget someone on your Christmas list?  via
  • If you are a Facebook user AND a glasses wearer, be sure to ‘Like’  They are always doing promotions to give a way a free pair of glasses.  I missed today’s deal by three minutes…SHOOT!

3 thoughts on “The Big Reveal!

  1. MOM says:

    Our baby’s room looks super. He or she will love it! I too am making arrangements to greet our little one in SL. Can’t wait! See you soon, Baby!!!

    Love always, MOM

  2. Ms. S says:

    First of all, congratulations as you enter this new chapter of your life. It sounds like you are ready for the big day.

    I’d like more info about that camera. Why did you choose it and is it doing the things you had hoped?

    Ms. S

  3. KIG says:

    Ok, me again. I have a journal for each of kids and have since they were born. (I also typed out each of their birth stories within six weeks so I didn’t forget interesting parts so they can read it later).

    By no means do I hold myself to a daily entry. Sometimes I just put in little quotes from Will, sometimes I recap the weekend or a holiday. I don’t keep up on the baby book very well, but I do have the really big stuff in the journal, so I know they’ll have it somehow. I also have a box for each of them with cards they receive from other people so when they are older they can look back at all the people who care about them and who have remembered their birthdays even before they knew when they were!

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