Celebration of 2010!

Happy New Years Eve everyone!  Wow, what a year Coach and I have had in 4692010.  I thought 2009 was a lot of change for us including  getting married, moving to KY, experiencing and loving our first year of marriage, but 2010 has certainly trumped 2009!  Here is a rundown of our year:

Our Time in KY

Coach and I loved, loved, loved our time in Kentucky.  Though we missed our family and friends in the midwest, living 13 hours away created the perfect environment for us to enjoy our first year of marriage alone.   Coach had a crazy work schedule, so the weekends DSC04152were spent hiking the Appalachian mountains, exploring the KY countryside and celebrating our time as newlyweds.  One of the other important elements to our happiness in KY was our friends.  Coaching presents an interesting situation because most often coaches are transplants from somewhere else.  Together coaching families kind of create a network of support.  I have always felt bad about this because that means Coach has to also hang out with people he works with, but we have been fortunate enough that he’s happy to do so!  The unique thing DSC04106about our coaching network in KY was that we were all relatively the same age and the men’s and women’s staff got along very well(not typical, I guess!).  We left with heavy hearts knowing that the coaching world will probably split us all up forever, but with Facebook, email and phone conversations we have all been able to keep in touch. 

Other highlights of 2010  included:

The Derby

Coach and I had to drop off a recruit in Louisville on the day of the Derby last May.  It JUST SO HAPPENS that Churchill Downs is located only minutes from the airport.  We packed a bag just in case we decided to stay for the Derby after dropping off the recruit for his flight.  After the typical discussion, “This could be only time in our LIVES that we’ll be able to go to the Derby.” We decided to grab a six-pack, get some cash, park our car and head in to the in-field.  Now…I’ve always heard that the infield is crazy, but people….it’s CRAZY!  Coach and I like to have a good time and we were STILL shocked by what we saw when we stepped on the midfield.  WOW.  Not to mention that the rainy weather had created a major MUD PIT in the middle of the track.


Coach and I HAD been disappointed in our outfits for the Derby (jeans, no hat and no dress), but after coming up from under the track we were upset we didn’t wear something WORSE!  I can only describe the ambiance as a mix between MTV’s version of Spring Break and what I envision Woodstock would have looked like in the rain.  As soon as we got to the infield, Coach needed to use the restroom – or shall I say outhouse.  The minute we got in line, this is what we saw:DSC04114

Apparently it is tradition for people to run across the top of the port-o-potties while dodging anything people throw at you….beer bottles, shoes, half-eaten turkey legs, you name it!  While this whole concept was pretty entertaining, I was a bit concerned about Coach’s head while he went to use the bathroom!  Luckily he survived without getting stepped on!

DSC04117 We quickly decided that the infield was not for us, so we made our way towards the grandstand.  Though we weren’t able to EVER see the field, we could watch them on TVs in the stand and bet on the races in the warmth, away from the mud and with people not completely covered in who-knows-what.   I actually had to take a picture of the man who was keeping me away from actually seeing any horse races of the day…I guess we didn’t have the appropriate ticket, outfit or income level.

DSC04118 All-in-all the day was successful.  We won on a few races and came out even on the trip!  We did eventually make it back outside for the final Derby race and watched it along the fence.  If you look close enough, you can see the winner in this picture…I think…look to the right…I think…


Even if this is the one and only time we get to experience the Derby, we can tell our children that we have been and will always remember the adventure.  It was one of the highlights of my year for sure!DSC04122Even though I had to throw one of my favorite pairs of shoes away. I loved those shoes too!DSC04134 I just took a picture with this boy because he was cute and he was surviving the infield WAY BETTER than we were!  A true Kentuckian for sure.


The Move to STL

By the time we moved, Coach and I had realized I was pregnant.  We actually discovered everything the week of our one year anniversary and were able to tell our parents on our anniversary!  Surprise!  I told a friend the other day that the best time to move is when you are pregnant, because you aren’t able to lift much.  Oops.  Luckily Coach had recruited a good friend (thanks Dave!) to help us lift the heavy stuff onto the moving truck.    In Kentucky we rented a VERY SMALL two bedroom house for $550 a month!  I know, crazy cheap.  We soon developed a love/hate relationship with the home and look forward to raising a baby in a house that keeps heat IN rather than sucking heat OUT during the winter months.  Really, the only thing we loved about the house was the rent price tag AND the fact that this is where we started out our married years.  Otherwise I hope to never have to live in a place like that again!  We were on a tight budget though so it worked for us.  Plus, we got to learn a lot about bugs, slugs, a mouse, carpenter bees, a whole new language from our neighbors and trees growing up from the floor boards while living there so it had it’s educational benefits as well.  Oh the joys!  Anyway, here is a look at our last day in KY.



DSC04187 In 2010 we lived in four places total.  Some of my friends ask how I can stay sane throughout our adventures, but I really have to give credit to Coach for keeping me calm.  He has such a beautiful way of letting me know everything will work out.  I KNOW this trait is what makes him successful as a Coach and as a husband.  Maybe it’s his dad’s entrepreneurial attitude that has been instilled him, but someone how I always believe him!  Yes, I do have my occasional breakdowns but somehow he’s always right. 

STL has really embraced us with open arms.  We love everything about the city especially our new home, Coach’s job, the people we have met here and the closer distance to our family and friends!   Everything about the move seemed ‘just right’ from day one and we have continued to feel that way ever since.  

The Baby!

Obviously the most exciting and momentous event of 2010 was learning we were going to be parents.  This news was a total shock to us, but we have embraced this surprise as a TRUE, TRUE blessing.  There are so many things about our pregnancy that have really proved that there is someone who has chosen us to raise this baby.  We could not be more honored to meet our new little one in a few weeks and will treasure this gift every single day.   

I hope you all have an amazing New Years Eve.  What a wonderful time to reflect on your year, set some goals for 2011 and thank those who have helped you achieve a successful 2010.  Thank you for caring enough about us for reading about this blog.  I know 2011 will bring a lot of baby pictures, so be prepared!

Either way, I’ll ‘see’ you in 2011!!



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