Merry Christmas to All!

Good morning!  I hope everyone is resting after what (for us at least!) was a FABULOUS Holiday break.  Coach was lucky enough to get one whole week off of basketball, so we were home in Nebraska and spent a lovely time with family and friends.  Coach and I were a globe-trotters throughout our time back home.  Overall we enjoyed six Holiday parties, saw as many friends and family as our schedule allowed and still had time to squeeze in a little work now and again.  We realize this is the lifestyle we signed up for when we moved away from home, but we really treasure our time with our family and enjoy any of our friends who squeeze us in their schedules when we’re back. 

In addition to celebrating the Holiday with our loved ones, I also presented my final paper and completed my Masters degree while we were back!  It was really special to have my family there to see me graduate.  Who would have thought I would presenting my final paper 8-1/2 months pregnant?  I guess I should be glad that there was something else for the group to pay attention to rather than my presentation!  I didn’t officially walk in the graduation ceremony, but we did attend a reception where I stood up and talked about my experience in the program.  After almost four years of part-time classes, I’M DONE!  What a wonderful relief. 

Before we get started with the blog, let me show off some pictures from our break.  Oops…a couple of pictures decided to sneak in from Thanksgiving.  Oh well, here are Coach and I with out two favorite girls – our nieces Brynn and Lauren.


Moving on to Christmas break…Coach and I took a trip into Iowa to visit my 100 year old great-grandmother, Leona. Doesn’t she look amazing?  Coach had never had the chance of meeting her before, so I was super excited that we were able to fit in an afternoon to take a trip East for the day.  Grandma Leona is a spit-fire for being 100-years old!  She lives in an assisted living facility, but we took her into town for lunch.  She doesn’t get out of the facility much, so it was nice to give her a day out on the town!  Coach, my parents and I had a wonderful time eating lunch with Grandma and hearing all about her days as one of 20 children.  Move over Duggar family!  Grandma Leona is my mom’s grandma, so here is a picture of my mom and I followed by one with Coach and I.  DSC04286


My dad’s family currently has three pregnant mammas!  Here is a picture of the three of us on Christmas Eve.  From left to right…Jill, my sister-in-law who is due in June, Natalie, my cousin is due in May and yours truly.  I think I win for biggest belly!  I may have even tried to suck in for this picture…not sure it worked though!  haha.  We are all SO excited about seeing each other again over the Fourth of July, when we will have three little babies to play with.  Oh boy…or girl…who knows!

lamprecht girlsHere is a picture of me with my Grandma Irma, who also happens to be one of my idols.  She got a new leopard vest for the Holidays and we were loving it!!!  Irma was a farm mom, something I’m always fascinated by because not only did she raise five kids, but there were also cows to be milked!  I’ve never heard her once complain about how tough her younger years were or how tough it was to have all of those duties while raising kids.  Being a Coach’s wife, I know there will be days/weeks/months where a lot will fall on my shoulders and I hope to be half as graceful as my Grandma Irma during those moments and take the days in stride.  I think we all could learn a lesson from her every now and again.


Lastly, here is Coach and I celebrating our final Christmas Day as a two-some.  And yes, those are all Santas behind us!  Christmas would not be the same without traveling back home to see my parent’s house and Coach’s parent’s house all decorated for the holidays.  Coach’s mom LOVES Santas and you can see the proof behind the us.  They’re adorable and creepy all at the same time, but we love them.


Three more weeks!

DSC04334 Okay, enough pictures…which by the way, can you see the difference in my nose between the Thanksgiving picture and the Christmas pictures?  I know pregnant women retain some water, but in their nose?  Crazy.  Anyway, let’s talk about what’s going on here in the outskirts of STL. 

My brother Adam and sister-in-law Jill came to visit before we headed back home for the holidays.  This was the first time either Adam and Jill had been to our new house, so Coach and I enjoyed showing them the area.  We spent one evening down in The Hill – an area of St. Louis known for the good Italian restaurants.  We settled on Zia’s based on some reviews from friends.  We loved it!  We all got something a little different and each were happy with our selection…especially Adam and his personal liter of wine!  haha.

This was Jill’s first time in STL, so she and Adam took one morning to see the Arch and cruise around the town.  Sadly, STL’s downtown isn’t much to look at (besides the Arch), but rather the town is known for it’s little communities like The Hill and other quaint townships that make up greater St. Louis.  Jill (pictured above) and Adam are expecting a baby in May, so we had a lot of fun talking about the upcoming babies!  They plan to find out the sex of the baby, so it will be fun to see if they find out before or after our baby is born (it’s all going to happen at the same time!).  All four of us had a good laugh one night as we were sitting around the table talking about kids because we are all still in shock to be at this stage in our lives!  It’s amazing, hilarious and fascinating all at the same time.

I have so much to write about this week – baby room reveal, sump pump status and a recap of 2010.  Whew!

Daily Obsessions:

  • Christmas Vacation PosterCoach and I were fortunate to get an iPad for Christmas!  So, my morning was spent trying to figure this thing out!  Right now, the iPad is keeping my entertained by playing National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on Netflix…a true classic!  It’s amazing that so many of us have seen this movie and none of us thought that Randy Quaid was really crazy?  Well he is!
  • Speaking of Netflix, EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE IT!  Coach and I pay $8 a month and enjoy unlimited viewing online and through our Wii.  It’s amazing!  Who needs cable when you can watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on demand?  Also, beings that I’m a huge documentary buff…I really enjoy their selection of documentary movies.
  • I know we are all trying to get organized in 2011, so why not be J. Terence Thompson Plastic 18 Gal. Tote Slate Blueprepared for that second-wind-cleaning-frenzy and pick up a few of these.  Lowe’s is offering these totes for $2.50 which is a fabulous price!  Let me know how that cleaning goes, by the way.  The good thing about moving all the time is that I’ve really learned to purge my stuff.  However, from some reason EVERYTIME we go home, we end up coming back with an entire car load of stuff.  My parents are slowly getting rid of any item from my childhood.  I guess I can’t blame them, we’re all trying to be organized!  via
  •  Bath and Body Works is having an amazing sale right now!!!  75% off items and 50% off candles.  Also, if you decide to head out to check out their items or login online, use this coupon for $10 a $40 purchase.
  • Barnes and Noble has a lot of their children’s books marked to 75% off!  Check the great deals out here.

Merry Christmas!



One thought on “Merry Christmas to All!

  1. MOM says:

    Cute Pictures!! I am loving this blog again. Can’t wait for the pictures of Baby Hart. We are so glad that you are home safely but I have to confess that I wanted you to stay here! I loved you being here! I am readying myself for the trip to SL in a couple of weeks to meet our new little treasure. Time is flying—he/she is coming soon.
    I already made my trip to Bath and Body to take advantage of the coupon and sale—great tip!
    Love to you in St Lou!!

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