Daily Obsessions

I just had a whole post typed up and my computer crashed….EEK!  So, I’m going to need to make this quick.  I’ll post some personal updates tomorrow, but I need to get out of the house and head to the grocery store before I hit the post 5 o’clock rush.  I am a coupon queen and have three places to hit up yet this evening.  I was busy today with meetings this morning and a hair appointment this afternoon.  However, rather than leaving today’s blog blank I really wanted to be sure that everyone got to see today’s Daily Obsessions!  Come back tomorrow as I’ve got some exciting to things to share and I’ll let you know much I save during my three grocery store trips tonight….yeah, I’m that lady.

There really wasn’t much going on in the Daily Deals department today, but here is what I found.

  • Personal Note:  Yesterday was my second highest daily readership with over 160 people viewing my blog!  Ya!!!  My goal is to get to 500 consistent daily readers before I look into ways to make some money at this…so spread the word!
  • Panera’s gingerbread bagels are back for a limited time.  Pair this with some honey walnut cream cheese, and girl you’ve got yourself a little taste of heaven!
  • JCPenny has again partnered with the Salvation Army to provide Angels Giving Tree gifts during the Holiday season.  Go online today and search for an Angel in your area to help sponsor.  Coach and I will be sponsoring a little Angel this season in honor of our upcoming Present. 
  • Weight Watchers Magazine subscription for $2.99!  What a wonderful price and I’ve heard that WW has a  lot of coupons in their magazines, so making back that $2.99 should be easy!  Fellas, this might not be the best idea for mom or your wife.  If so, prepare yourselves.  Just be sure to enter WEIGHT when checking out online.  via www.hip2save.com.
  • **Coach’s Favorite** A ESPN Magazine subscription is also on sale A Tanga Imagetoday for $3.99.  Coach prefers ESPN over Sports Illustrated because he says the are more well-rounded in the sports they present and find some interesting articles to showcase new talent, etc.  Be sure to enter ESPN when checking out online.  I have found myself reading this in the car ride between Nebraska and St. Louis and enjoy the various stories as well!  This is a great gift for any sports fan!



One thought on “Daily Obsessions

  1. Lana says:

    Hey Louise-
    I just wanted to let you know i’m so happy that you are bloggin again. It is a simple fix for a smile during the day.

    Take care-

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