Time for Some Home Projects

Ooo…late post again!  I have been out all morning running errands and chatting it up with our real estate agent, who has become one of my four friends in STL!  Hey Tiffany!  I’m sending her my blog after I post this, so hopefully she’ll get to reading daily like the rest of ya’ll.  It was so fun to catch up with Tiffany and to tell her about all the things Coach and I LOVE about our new home.  Tiffany was so helpful in finding this house, not to mention EXTREMLY patient too.  I know we had a quick turn around, but Tiffany and I really saw a LOT of houses in that short timeframe.  Plus, with Coach starting a new job right after we moved, he wasn’t able to be around too much during the search.  Luckily, Tiffany and I got along really well which helped the process quite a bit.

I then head out to Home Depot, Target, Pier 1 Imports and Home Goods – a store all you Nebraskan’s should UPSET you don’t have!  Home Goods is the same as Marshall’s/TJMaxx, but for home interiors.  We had one in Lexington and it’s a MUST when looking for things like rugs, lamp shades and good, good sales.  I picked up a few lamps months ago at Goodwill that needed some new lampshades to bring them to life.  After searching and searching, I finally found some today at Home Goods for $12.99 which made the lamps $16.99 total ($4 from Goodwill)!  I was also in search of some throw pillows for our couches (yes, we have 2!) in the living room.  We inherited a couch from Coach’s family and after recovering the thing with a new couch cover, it was in need of some pillows.  I know you don’t know what it looked like before (again….should have taken a picture!), but here is the final product (minus a few new pillows).


Notice the stubby leg in the middle front…I’m trying to figure that little thing out?  Any ideas?  It could be from moving it over the years, but for some reason the middle leg sits about two inches off the floor…hmm.  Coach was out recruiting late last night, so this project was completed by me, myself and I!  I decided to upgrade to the two-piece couch cover, one piece that covers the cushions and another that covers the rest of the couch.  I’m happy with the final product, but know the cover will need a little TLC every now and then to keep it looking decent.  I am not a professional with couch cushions, but was surprised to see the new ‘stretch’ versions in the stores.  It all worked out pretty slick!  Luckily Coach and I had some Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards leftover from our wedding…I know, we’re THAT frugal that we haven’t used all of the gift cards from a our wedding a year and a half ago!  The gift cards combined with a 20% coupon made the couch cover a pretty good deal! 

I was SO excited to find some adorable throw pillows today at Pier One for $7.98!  Throw pillows are SO expensive, so anytime you see a good deal on a throw pillow, SNATCH IT!  I might need to re-think my curtains after buying the pillows though.  As you can see in the picture (above), we have sage-ish green walls in our living room.  The paint job is fine, but the muted color is SO NOT ME!    I mean, my heart can not resist anything that looks like this, let alone if it’s $7.98!  So the pillows I bought today were intended to splash some more color into the room…which might need to be continued into the curtains as well.  My oh-so-skilled mother made the curtains for us out of an old exterior shower curtain I had from awhile ago and always loved.  After a trip to Cost Plus World Market, we might be negotiating another set of curtains for the living room and transitioning the current curtains into table runners for the end tables/night stands in the Master Bedroom.  I guess this blog is a warning to her!  oops.  There used to be a super-good interiors magazine by Conde Nast called Domino (RIP) that went out of publication in 2009.  Anyway, I LOVED the looks they created in the magazine and in a perfect world, my house would have the same look.  Kind of like this picture:

It’s kind of vintage-meets-comfort-meets-international. So now do my pillows make sense?  It might be a few years before my entire design esthetic can really shine, but until then I’ll get a kick out of my $7.98 pillows!

I also stopped by Home Depot to check on their sump-pumps.  Coach and I were surprised to come home after Thanksgiving to find water-mud in our mechanical room!  Eek!  There is a sump-pump pit in the basement, but no pump.  It will be an easy fix and one we are not too concerned about, but we just want to get it taken care of soon.  I have a call in to a guy who is going to come and check it out before we do anything too crazy.  I mean, my entire knowledge of the whole project has been done through Google searches and watching YouTube videos, but I’m pretty confident that Coach and I can do this project on our own.  And (according to the internet) purchasing the sump-pump is inevitable so I figured I should just pick one up today.  I also purchased a can of white spray paint for a project in the baby’s room. 

My trip to ReStore yesterday was not nearly as productive as I was hoping it would be when I left home.  Apparently, all ReStore locations are a bit different in terms of what they carry.  In Kentucky, the ReStore that I visited was full of furniture basic household items.  THIS ReStore was full of screws/bits/doors/door knobs/home project items.  They did still have sinks and vanities, but the rest of the items were more specific than what I was looking for.  I guess I’m just going to have to stick with Goodwill and Craigslist for a nice looking bookshelf/toy chest.  That shouldn’t be too hard to find. 

I know ya’ll haven’t seen the baby’s room yet, but I’m thinking about putting one of these in a corner of the room.  Our house ‘blessed’ us with all indirect lighting, meaning the house prefers lamps to ANY overhead light so we are in need of lamps!!!  I have always liked the playfulness of these paper lanterns and think I’ll be able to convince Coach this is what the baby would want…I just know it! 

Maru Round Green Paper Lanterns - Cost Plus World Market

Fattening Up

By 34-35 weeks, the pregnancy books say the baby has reached close to it’s birth length but now focuses it’s attention fattening up it’s little body while strengthening the lungs….hence all the hiccups!   I can certainly tell in the past few days that he/she is getting a bit cramped due to all the kicking and elbowing, but I’m LOVING IT!  I’ve really enjoyed every stage of pregnancy because of the milestone each one presents, but the 3rd trimester has to my favorite so far.  I realize I’m only beginning this stage, but I LOVE all the movement and being able to really feel and imagine what the baby is doing.  I always thought baby movement in utero was something NO WOMAN would ever be able to explain to me.  And as a pregnant woman, I still feel the same way.  There is this weird image that goes through my head every time I feel a kick or a series of hiccups where I think I can actually see my little one and what he or she is doing. It’s crazy.  My family is like a LaLeche International Club, not only because we are obsessed with breast feeding but we also have an infatuation with babies.  We currently have two babies under one year and three babies on the way!   Over Thanksgiving we were all sitting around after dinner and my aunt who worked as a labor and delivery nurse for many years said that a baby moving inside you is EXACTLY how you thought it would feel.  And she’s right!  I mean, it’s still strange sometimes when I do feel a BIG KICK or wake up in the morning and within 3-4 minutes get a somersault, but it still feels just like I thought it would!  My cousin who is also a labor and delivery nurse (see, I told you!) said one mother loved baby movement because it was her secret.  She could be talking with someone and feel the baby kick, without the person she was talking to knowing what had happened.  This mother liked that this silent ‘communication’ was just between the her and her baby.  How sweet is that?

Okay, sorry for the HGTV followed by TLC’s A Baby Story blog post today.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday!


Daily Obsessions

  • Olive Garden’s Five Cheese Ziti al Forno.  YUMMY!
  • This is a fun idea if you know someone who is sick, pregnant or would just benefit from a heating pad/rice pack!  It looks like she has added scented oils and aromas to the packs before as well.  Good idea! via moneysavingmom.com
  • One thing we should NEVER pay full price for is photo cards for the Holidays.  There is a sale going on here where you receive 60 free cards when you use the gift code: 50cards at checkout.  All you need to do is pay $4.99 for shipping and handling! via stlmommy.com
  • Another thing you should never pay full price for is magazine subscriptions.  If you have a teen you are buying for this holiday, Seventeen Magazine (Oh the days!  However, I preferred YM!) is on sale for $3.73/year!  Just be sure to enter PXCJ1212 at checkout. via stlmommy.com
  • Bath and Body Works is offering $10 for anything $10 or more, which means that $10 gift sets are available for $5.99!  Just enter F102785 at checkout.  Here are some of the things listed at $10.  via hip2save.com
  • Amazon is offering Entertainment Weekly for $15…that’s $190.40 off the retail price!  Nice!  One thing to note about Amazon subscriptions is that it sometimes takes awhile before you get anything in your mailbox.  The good new is, they have MEGA-deal!  WARNING:  I read the comments and found this…once you get the subscription ordered, be sure to go online or call to cancel your auto-renewal.  Otherwise you will be charged for another year at FULL PRICE.   via wisebread.com
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4 thoughts on “Time for Some Home Projects

  1. MOM says:

    I love the couch and the Lamps! Ethan Allen would have been proud. I think you should go with three lamps-lit dimly at different levels in the corner. It would look cool and the baby would love to look at it. I love the international look too—just thinking of the people who made those international items makes me smile. I would like to visit them all.
    One month to go—I can’t wait to meet our new child. He/She will be beautiful and truly loved.

    Love ya, MOM

  2. Laura says:

    Okay, you beat us. We used our last Bed Bath and Beyond gift card just a year after our wedding. And yes, of course with a coupon. I don’t go to that store without a coupon.

    I miss the World Market! We were so sad when the one at Village Pointe closed. That was a fun place to find funky gift foods too.

    Amanda’s “secret” description sounds so fun. It’s great to hear you are enjoying your pregnancy, as there are so many horror stories out there 😉

  3. Laura says:

    Check out this blog for “before” and “after” inspiration!

  4. Dana says:

    Hi love,
    So I cannot tell you how much I love the belly photo…I mean seriously…I started crying when I saw the foot….I may be hormonal, but really?!
    Love you

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