Weekend Retreat!

Okay, I apologize for those of you may have been trying to log on and read this morning.  WordPress, while it does have a lot more features than Blogger is MUCH MORE complicated in the coding behind the blog.  So, I’ve been spending a few hours this morning trying my best to figure everything out!  As you can see, the title and some of the words are still in the block-type font, which I find boring.  But I got a little tired of trying to figure out the CSS coding and decided to table the whole layout look for another day.  So you’re stuck with this, my good friends!  This new blog is definitely going to be a work in progress…but I’m ready for the challenge!

Before I forget, I just posted a new feature (called a widget in the blogging world) to my page.  Above the Happy button to the right you will find a email subscription option.  If you would like to be emailed every time I update the blog, then register your address today! 

Now, those of you who have been blog readers for awhile know that I don’t like to write much on the weekends.  However, I am so EXCITED to be blogging again, so here I am.  I really did miss my daily updates to the world.  It probably seems weird to be putting our entire life out to the public like this, but I’ve really never been one to keep my feelings bottled up for too long.  Hence the title of this blog! 

Okay, enough of that…

The recruiting went VERY WELL last night.  In fact, the recruit we went to see ended up scoring a whopping 40 points!  It’s not a national record, but 40 points left a very good impression on Coach and myself.  He’s a 6’8 center/5-man/big guy, so it helped him to be playing a team who’s tallest player was RIP Manut Bolonly 6’2-6’3 (RIP Manute Bol).  Never-the-less, this boy was consistent and could shoot!  Coach and I got home around 11:30, but we really had a great time checking out small-town Missouri/Illinois.  I’m sure those recruiting trips will be few and far between once we have a little one, but I sure enjoyed tagging along for this trip.  Boy, being back in the high school scene really made me GLAD to be out of that time in my life.  I love high school, don’t get me wrong, but the awkwardness is unbearable!  The school we visited had wonderful community support, but I couldn’t help but notice the insecurities among the ladies and the uncomfortable-attempts-at-flirting that kept occurring among the students.   I realize we were all there once, but wow! 

The good news is that the BAND was AWESOME!  We walked in the gym to find a fabulous 20-piece pep band playing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.  It was like watching a pep-band version of Glee!  I tried to keep my dance moves to a minimum (all business, remember?) but I was lovin the music the whole time!  There is nothing then to see kids in the stands singing to the pep-band!  I think far too often the bands play songs no one even knows, but to see some activity/dancing and movement in the student section was GREAT!  The school also had a very impressive drumline which kept me entertained during the 30-40 point blowout of a game.  The cheerleading and dance team performances could have been better, but by halftime I was too enthralled with the band performance, which definitely trumped all events (besides the recruits 40 points!).  Coach and I decided to grab some dinner on the way home, so there is no report on the concession stand…sorry!

Speaking of coaching…I want to give a !CoNgRaUtLaTiOnS! to a special family-member Spencer, who made his coaching debut last night.  Coach and I thought about him last night and wished we were there to cheer him on as the new high school basketball coach at the local high school.  I know he was nervous, but I got a full report from his First Lady that the team won, he kept his cool and their two-year-old was successfully sidelined with bribes of licorice and nachos!  My kind of kid. 

Coach has another game today, which I will be attending.  Then hopefully we will be able to come back to our house, cook up some chili and enjoy watching our Nebraska Huskers win this:Big12trophy_crop_340x234

I’ve never really been a HUGE football fan, but I do enjoy a good game every now and then.  Coach actually laughed a few weeks ago because (for the first time since we’ve been married) I REALLY got into a Husker game while folding clothes.  He was busy working on some film stuff and I was LIVID over some bad calls, Coach Pelini’s sideline antics and the lack of coverage of the half-time show!  I wish I could tell you who they played that night, but those are just details…right? 

Oh, speaking of Pelini.  He has since apologized, an apology I felt was directed at me personally so I’m over it.  How did he know I was so upset over his craziness on the field?   Well whoever told him, Thank You!

Also this weekend, I need to REALLY work on finishing the final paper for my Masters program.  I started my Master’s degree in 2007, so I am READY to get this three year journey completed!!!  If all goes well (cross your fingers!), I will be presenting my paper in a few weeks and will officially complete my program.  I am so excited, relieved and psyched to be able to cross off Receive My Master’s Degree from my Bucket List.  My paper is on how nonprofit organizations should market to the Millennial (born between 1982 and 2002) generation.  Yes, I know they say we’ve been coddled (the Baby on Board generation!) our whole lives, but we are also a generation who is very committed to civil service and global ventures.  We have experienced two wars (Desert Storm and Iraq/Afghanistan) and 9/11, which many say has helped bring the Millennials back to focusing on the greater good.  However, we are also a generation who loves technology though we are often over stimulated by all of the multiple technology channels.  So, as a non-profit development director, what do you do?   And that’s what I’m trying to address my friends!

Okay, I need to get some things done today before I head to watch Coach and his team beat a very tough opponent.  Coach’s team is going through some rebuilding years, so it’s quite a struggle to compete and win.  But…I really do believe that wonderful things are going to happen in the next few years and I can’t wait to watch the entire program grow to something bigger and better!

Happy Weekend and Go Skers!


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One thought on “Weekend Retreat!

  1. Natalie Peterson says:

    Let me just tell you that your blog is adorable. I get behind on it and love the nights where it is quiet in the Peterson household and I can just sit and catch up on it. I had to read your little note about Spencer to him and he gave a little smile for it….so cute. So glad everything is going well for you in St.Louis. Can’t wait to see you soon!

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