Leaf Us Alone!

I hope everyone is back and ready for day two!  It’s amazing how quickly Facebook spreads the word or maybe it’s that people are just as interested as I am about living vicariously through other people (some people call this ‘internet stalking’, but I like to think of it as ‘staying in touch!) whether they know it or not!.  I posted a new status update yesterday letting Facebook Nation know that I was starting over with this new blog.  I was pleasantly surprised to come back from Coach’s, to find 130 people had checked out the page!  Maybe my mom was just being nice by refreshing her screen over and over, but I’m thinking the FB post may have picked up some new readers out there who may find excitement reading about our life. Hello fellow FB friend and WELCOME!  It’s so crazy to know that there are people reading the blog, but not actually knowing EXACTLY who is reading the blog.  Oh well…that’s the art of this process, I guess!  As always, thank you to those who posted comments.  Not only is it nice to read your sweet words, but it’s REALLY nice to know who makes up those 130 people! 

Well, here is what today holds for our household.

Last night we were excited to spend some time with Austin, an old college friend of ours who was in town on business.  He met me at Coach’s game and we headed out afterward for some appetizers and beverages (me=water, boys=beer).  I haven’t seen Austin for a few years, so it was great to hear all about his new job, his wife, his family and his second grade daughter.  He travels a lot for his job, but seems to be doing very well which is GREAT!   One of the major advantages of living in STL over our KY is that people travel through the area on business, getting from here-to-there or whatever!  Since August, we have been able to meet up with five of our good friends who are in town for various reasons.  Some have crashed at our house and some we’ve just met for coffee or dinner.  Either way, it’s always refreshing to see a familiar face and reminisce on the Good Old Days (do I sound old or what?). 

This afternoon, I enjoyed lunch at The-Place-Formally-Known-As-Panera.  For some reason, STL has decided to boycott the national norm and keep to the original name of St. Louis Bread CompanySTLWell, whatever!  They serve the same food and have the same Honey Walnut Cream Cheese, so I’m not complaining!  Anyway, I enjoyed the afternoon with soon-to-be-new-mom Becky, who I met while taking our birthing class this Fall.  Coach and I decided to sign up for the class early so the basketball schedule would not interfere too heavily with the required sessions.  Believe me, Coach would have taken ANY excuse possible to get himself out of the BIRTHING VIDEO!  He had many sleepless nights leading up to that video, I believe.  Oh the stories I could share from that entire experience!  From Coach’s phone ringing during our peaceful visualization exercise, to our non-stop-excessive giggling while practicing the breathing techniques (have you ever tried to breath slowly and count to 10 while staring into your  partners eyes? Try it!  It’s h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s.), to the day I was rocking Day 2 hair not knowing I would be spending the entire class with my head right in Coach’s nose!  Oops.  Anyway, Becky and her husband sat next to us for the entire 6-week class and during one of our breaks down to the cafeteria, we learned they lived just minutes from our house!  We instantly clicked and have met up with them for dinner since the class ended.  Becky’s due date was yesterday, so she is growing impatient waiting for their little peanut to arrive.  Like us, they decided to wait to find out the sex of the baby.  I can’t wait to get a text message over the weekend to find out she has delivered a healthy little boy or girl!  How exciting for them.  Becky let me take a peek at their adorable nursery and also showed me how organized they were with their pre-packed bags for the hospital.  Thank goodness for Google!  This mama has some lists to make before January! 

Who Says a Wife Can’t Recruit?

I am kind of excited to join Coach on the road tonight as we go recruiting out of town.  He was planning to go and asked me last night if I wanted to join him!  I’ll be sure to be ALL BUSINESS when we get to the game, but it will be fun to be able to hang out together to and from the game (wherever it is!) in the car.  Since this is Coach’s first year really recruiting, we have not ever done these trips together.  Some other coaches take their wives or kids along to watch high school games all the time, but tonight is my first official recruiting trip.  Wish me luck!  I’ll be sure to report on the band’s rendition of the National Anthem, my personal opinion of the schools cheerleading squad and a full review on most items from the concession stand on Monday.  I have to hurry with this blog post though, because Coach would not like it if I were late because I was BLOGGING…EEK!

Speaking of the new blog.  Coach and I talked last night and I’ve decided purchase the domain http://www.louisesaysthings.com for $25.  Once I purchase the domain name, I am able to put ads on the page, which creates revenue, yadda yadda yadda.  Anyway, our goal is to make the $25 back in 2011.  So we have another goal for the year: 1) figure out what I am going to do from home as a WAHM (remember your acronyms?) and 2) make $25 in online ads to cover our costs of the blog!  I’m not sure how the whole thing works yet, but we’ll get there.  I mean come on, I already made $4.94 with the other site!  So really, how hard can making $25 really be?

To Leaf, or Not To Leaf

Coach and I have been battling our yard leaves for the past few weeks.   It’s not one of those battles where we have physically been fighting with them, rather it’s more of a battle that includes staring out our window and DREADING the day we give in and rake the leaves.  I mean, is this whole raking thing REALLY necessary?  The 35 year old park-like trees that ‘sold’ us on this house are coming back to haunt our dreams. I plan to take a picture of the largest leaf pile ever!  I think we’ll finally get around to sweeping these little pestering gifts from God over the weekend.  I mean, why not?  It’s only supposed to be 35 degrees outside.  What a perfect temperature to rake, right?  Luckily my father sent us home from Thanksgiving with a mulching/mower unit that picks up the leaves like a vacuum.  However, transferring the leaves from the mulched bag to the yard waste bag we are required to use by our city is going to be interesting.  Rather than actually getting out there and doing something, I have been spending my time on Amazon.com researching the latest gadgets that will speed up the process.  These look kind of fun!  The CLAWS!  Users say the are able to pick up 3 to 4 times as many leaves at once then with their bare hands.  Though I’m not buying it, nor am I buying it!

Midwest Gloves and Gear 45TA, Lawn Claws Leaf Scoops

What we REALLY need is a MOTHER RAKE or something that will sweep all these little leaves up in no time.  Rather than getting out there and starting the process, I’ll just continue to sit inside and Google ways around this dreaded project.

Okay, I need to get out of here before I’m late for my first recruiting visit!  Don’t forget to check out my Daily Obsessions below!


Daily Obsessions:

  • Zulily.com is offering Halo Sleep Sacks for $9.99 (regularly $25.99)
  • How stinking cute are these bows from magazine pages?  via moneysavingmom.com
  • I really need to start sewing so I can make things like this tag blankie! via moneysavingmom.com
  • Paloma’s Nest makes the most adorable treasures.  That Ring-A-Ling, Hear Them Sing ornament?  Adorable!  Zulily.com had a a reduced gift certificate to this website a few days ago and I bought the CUTEST Christmas gift for some special people I know.  I can’t wait to share it with them.  I’ll fill the rest of you in after the holiday.
  • If any of you are looking for a $15 holiday gift…check out etsy.com, but specifically this site.  My mom and dad got my sis-in-law and myself one of these necklaces a few years ago and I LOVE it!  Both Jill and I wear it every day and both really love this piece.  I’m sure you can purchase a chain from the artist, or buy one yourself at a local retail store.

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