I’m back, with a fresh new do!

    Hey everyone!  I’m glad you found my new website.  I figured that if I am going to start over, why not pick a new name, create a new look and figure out a new program (WordPress over Blogger!).  I mean, I was just getting good at Blogger, so why not switch, right?  Why the change?  Well, after a little research, I found that WordPress has a lot more capabilities than Blogger for the long run.  Plus, I do like how clean the WordPress site is for the reader compared to the cramped Blogger site.  It looks like I was up all night writing HTML code…I mean, I was!  haha.  Not really.

    So here we are.  A new blog, a new name and a new look.  Explain the name?  Well, Louise is my middle name and I’ve always kind of like it’s old-school appeal.  Most of the women in my life (okay my mom and grandma) have the middle name Louise, so it’s pretty special to me and much more unique than my first name!  While I am (and still adore) my previous blog title…it is definitely something that was cutesy right after I was married.  Now there are SO many more things for this Louise to talk about besides newlywed life.  And have I ever been one to keep my mouth shut?  My dad always told me I should have been an attorney because I like to have the last word and my opinions ALWAYS matter!  So there you have it.  Louise Says Things just seemed to be the perfect name for this go-around.  We’ll see how she does.

    As for the picture…bare with me.  You won’t have to stare at my face too long.  I’m trying to get this who layout thing figured out, so soon it will be a pretty little picture featuring some Holiday Spirit!

    So…where were we?

    Last time I blogged, Coach and I had just moved to St. Louis (come visit!) where he took a new coaching position with a wonderful college in the city.  Before we go any further, let me tell you a little story about the reason for not using specific details in my new blog.  So in my last blog, I posted some pictures of our previous school’s basketball team coaching staff at the Keeneland Horse Races.  Within the blog post, I posted a picture some of the college coaches celebrating a championship two-on-two game from earlier in the day.  Now, we are all adults here so I can tell say there were drinks flowing at this celebration!  Anyway, a few weeks later one of the players from the college basketball team Google-d the team name and pictures from my blog popped up as images correlating to the team!  EEK!  After a unexpected phone call from Coach, I quickly emailed Google to have those removed from their search engine and my blog.  That’s that last thing we needed…some recruit Google-ing the school only to find Coach and his friends bottoms-up at a horse race!  haha.  So, for safety of those around me…I am going to use pseudo names for now.  I just didn’t want any of you to think that this was some sort of weird domineering thing where he makes me call him Coach around the house or anything, rather this will just keep us all free from any questions or weird Google-linked-pictures later on in life!  Okay…enough said!

    Back to the blog:  We’ve had a fabulous time in the city so far and are settling nicely into our new home.  I’ll post some pictures on here when I get a chance to take some.  Coach and I were/are not very good at doing the whole before/after picture business, so what you’ll see is what we’ve done so far.  We purchased a split-level home in a nice little neighborhood in a western suburb of St. Louis.  Our house has been around for awhile, but the couple who lived here prior to us were the original owners and took good care of the place (or so we think!).  Cue:  Money Pit Theme Song!  The kitchen was redone in the past few years and the house was definitely livable when we moved in.  Now, that’s not to say that I absolutely love the 90s gold fixtures around the house, but we’re working on things a little at a time!  I think I’m learning a little bit about having patience and focusing on one room at a time.  We haven’t had too many issues as homeowners yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I become Shelley Long and Coach becomes Tom Hanks.

    Wha?  A BABY!

    Once we get rolling here, I will also post some pictures of the nursery.  Wait, what?  We’re having a baby?  Oh yeah, we left off around there as well!  Coach and I are expecting our little Bundle of Joy on January 15th.  We can’t wait!!!  Luckily my pregnancy has been a breeze (fingers crossed!) and we are hoping the next month-and-a-half flows along just as smoothly as the previous seven!  According to my pregnancy blogs, at 33 weeks the baby is now the size of a honeydew melon.  It’s hard to imagine a honeydew melon representing a baby or being in my tummy, but whatever!

    HONEYDUE Who would have thought that having a baby would be so educational to Coach and I about our fruits and vegetables?  Every week our baby has been compared to some sort of fruit or veggie (typically something we have never even heard of before!).  Upon reading my weekly baby update, I have to Goggle the item just to find out how big our baby really is that week!  What kind of items, you ask?  Well…let’s see.


  • Week 10 the baby was a prune.  Now, I know prune’s should be easy to decipher, but I kept thinking of a plum.  So going from a green olive (Week 9) to a plum seemed a bit drastic for a little thing!  Don’t worry, the little prune turned into the size of a plum by Week 12.

  • Week 19, the baby was a mango.  How many people can visualize the correct size of a mango?  Not us!

  • Then…Weeks 21-24, the baby was the size of a papaya.  Again…who knows what those look like?

  • Weeks 29-32, squash…?  Isn’t a pumpkin a squash?  See…confusing!


    The good news is that someday when I am feeding our baby all his/her wonderful fruits and veggies, I will be able to tell them all of the useless information from Wikipedia that his/her father and I had to look up while we were pregnant!  Thanks to these pregnancy websites, I have gained knowledge which will be passed on for generations and generations!

    So what am I doing for work?  Good question!

    After everyone learns about Coach’s new position, the next question is usually directed at me…

    “And what are you doing now, Louise?”  To which I respond, “Well…I’m still trying to figure that one out.  It’s a bit of a work in progress!”  Honestly, Coach and I decided shortly after we found out our HUGE baby surprise that we would try anything possible so I could be a SAHM (an acronym I have now learned means stay-at-home-mom), well at least a WAHM (work-at-home-mom!).  Now I wish I could say that Coach’s new position has freed us from ANY concern over money, but that is certainly not the case.  I am looking into a few things that will allow me to work from home and take care of our little one in January.  Plus, anything Dr. Laura says is a priority, I take to heart.  I’m only kidding.  Call us crazy, but it certainly is something we felt was important to our family dynamic.  So hold on to your seats family, the Christmas gifts might be a bit more ‘creative’ in the coming years!  haha. 

    Speaking of Dr. Laura, I always thought she was a bit crazy but decided to pick up her book at the library a few weeks ago.  I tell you what, if writing that blandly gets me my own radio show (well, one on Sirius now after her idiotic rant!) and multiple book deals…then SIGN ME UP!  The first chapter was the same as the sixth.  Yawn…see, she is too!So, where does this leave the blog?  Well friends, you are going to go on this journey with me.  What will 2011 have in store for Louise?  Will I end up working for some off-shore company over the internet?  Will one of the inventions I have been planning for a few months/years finally take off?  Will I become a freelance expert picking up little projects here and there to get by?  Will I start something on my own and make millions and millions?  Will this blog take of like no other?  I mean, after adding some ads to my last page, I did make a whopping $4.94!!!  haha. We’re going places people!  Either way, I’m committed to sharing my journey with you and letting you experience my ups and downs.

    In the meantime, ya’ll will just have to wait and see! 


    Today’s Obsessions:

  • $5 off a $5 Purchase at Hallmark via stlmommy.com

  • Get FREE SHIPPING through Amazon.com with an Amazon Mom account

  • If you know a child who likes art, get them a Crayola Glow Station for $15.98, regularly $39.99 via stlmommy.com

  • Be sure to share one of your daily obsessions in the comment section!  I’d love to hear about any blog you read, deals you find or items we all MUST HAVE!

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5 thoughts on “I’m back, with a fresh new do!

  1. Mandy says:


  2. MOM says:

    So glad you are back! I love the blog and glad Louise has so much to say. Give Coach a hug and Baby a lullaby.


  3. Laura says:

    First of all, what did you spend your $4.94 on??
    Ben and I each used this coupon for dinner tonight:
    …and of course I said, “Well, we just saved ten bucks…what should we spend it on?”

    I am glad you are back to blogging and I can add this site to my RSS feed! Your “Creatively, humorously and frugally living my dream” subtitle has fit your writing perfectly so far. Looking forward to your next post!

  4. Lu Ann says:

    Way to brighten my day – Louise!! I’m so very glad your talented writing is back for all of us to read and share. YIPPEEEEEE!!! Our love to you all.

  5. diane says:

    Hey Louise! So glad you’re back. Your writing always brings me smiles! I can see a book in the future of this WAHM – something on the order of “Julie & Julia” could happen…..

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